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< --- Steppir DB-18 installed (Dec. 2013)

Below is a Windows Media Player with Live Audio from the shack.

The audio stream will not always be on-line

If you do not see the Windows Media Player below, and are using Mozilla Firefox, please visit the link below to download a plugin that will enable the Media Player. 
If you are using Windows and do not see the media player please visit the link below to download a plugin for the Windows Media Player.


The audio from the radio receiver, on any radio in the shack, goes from a rear external speaker jack to the Allen & Heath ZED 14 multipurpose mixer board.  From the ZED 14 receive audio is routed to a wireless headphone (JVC 900 MHz), a Behringer A500 studio amplifier (driving stereo speakers), and a USB port to a computer.  

The transmit audio is mixed on the rack thru several different pieces of equipment depending on the desired audio. Microphone audio is mixed at the rack by a Behringer RX-1602 mixer. Any mic or combination can be mixed and sent to any radio, directly or thru certain audio processing gear. The transmit audio output is mixed by a Behringer MX882 and sent to the desired radio. Transmit audio is also sent to the ZED 14 where it can be used for recording and is sent to a computer for the web site audio feed.

There are two different programs on the computer used for recording transmit and receive audio. The web site audio feed is handled by an audio encoder with the ability to stream audio.



Allen & Heath ZED 14


Behringer A500


Behringer MX882


Behringer RX1602


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