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< --- Steppir DB-18 installed (Dec. 2013)

I now have the new HRD Lognet service online.  The HRD Lognet provides the latest (last 20) logged contacts in HRD.  I will keep this updated as often as possible (not sure if it will self populate at some point).

I have uploaded my Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) logbook to HamLog.EU on-line log book.  I will try and keep the log updated regularly until I can automate the uploads to HamLog.

The Hamlog logbook is currently only uploaded quarterly.


Please note that the "Log Book" does not include paper log entries made prior to useage of HRD.




Below is the last ten contacts made which were uploaded to the Club Log website .

If you don't see your call sign please use the log search function at the top right. If you don't find your call and we had a QSO within the last 24 hours it is possible that the contact did not automatically upload. I do a log check on average of once a day (sometimes longer) to bring the log up to date.



The HRD LOG Net account below is under the club call of WD6STR. Unfortunately, HRD LOG NET would not let me open an account using a /P or an /R after my call sign to separate my home logbook from my portable and remote operation logbook. So, I opened an account using the club call but ALL contacts shown in this HRD LOG net display were made while I was eithere operating portable or remote, usually from a campground with the RV.

I apologize for any confustion this might cause but for now, it was the only way to display my portable and remote log on HRD LOG net.

If you have any questions about contacts please feel free to email me and note the date, tiime, and if I was signing as /P or /R.


The Log below is for K6HP /R  or / P


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